Why You Need to Stage Rental Properties, Too

When you have a rental property that you own, there will come a time when you’ll need to look for a tenant who wants to occupy the space you have recently purchased it or the previous renters have moved out. You’ll need to make a few changes and create an appealing setting if you want to find the right renter. Here are a few reasons why you should consider staging your rental property when potential tenants tour the house.

It Can Make You More Money

Studies have found that homes that are staged sell for six percent higher than un-staged homes on the market, which is a principle that can also be applied when looking for renters. Set to Show explains that staged houses have a higher level of appeal and can cause renters to be willing to pay more, which can increase your profit. Although staging each room in the building may be a minor investment, it can pay off if a renter agrees to pay more.

It Helps Your Renters Visualize

Staging is necessary because it helps renters to visualize living in the space instead of walking into an empty building. All Storage Online suggests that you want a potential renter to see the house as theirs. Personal items should be removed like family photographs and personal trophies. When you remove personal items, avoid storing them in cabinets or cupboards where renters might look. If possible, keep them off of the property in a storage unit to ensure that they’re not crammed into an area that will be seen. It’s also necessary to avoid cluttering each room with too much furniture, which can cause it to appear cramped and less spacious.

You Are More Likely to Avoid Losing Money

Premier Home Staging warns that many property owners run the risk of losing money as they look for the right person to rent their home. If the property doesn’t have a high level of appeal, then it can be easy to lose money if you aren’t collecting rent each month with a tenant. By staging the house, you can create an attractive environment that looks cozy and inviting.

Staging your rental property will require using the right furnishings and decor items to create a space where potential tenants feel welcomed and can imagine themselves living in the future. You’ll feel proud to show off the property and can enjoy renting it out quickly to the right person if you decide to take the step.

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