What will my eviction costs look like?

Category: Evictions

We make every effort to find good tenants, but even the best processes can let a problem slip through once in a while. Fortunately, we rarely have to evict a tenant we placed. When we have to perform an eviction, these are the typical costs involved:

  • Pay or Quit Notices – $45-55 (approximate) depending on distance, for the Process Server – We add this fee to the tenant’s rent.
  • Eviction Filing – $150 – This is the first step in eviction process and some tenants will leave at this point. Court filing fee is included.
  • Court Appearance – $300 – If the tenant fights and we have to suit up for court, this is the cost to represent you.
  • Lock Outs – $250 – In the rare event a “lock out” is required. This includes the constable, lock change and a video of the property.
  • If it becomes necessary to use a lawyer for an eviction, you will pay the lawyer fees directly.