How do you handle repair / service calls?

Tenants make maintenance requests directly to our team. Depending on the nature of the request, a vendor will be requested immediately, or within 1 business day. We take emergencies seriously and have vendors who are happy to work with us as needed. Calls Under $500 – It is cheaper, faster and better to fix the … Read more

What will my eviction costs look like?

We make every effort to find good tenants, but even the best processes can let a problem slip through once in a while. Fortunately, we rarely have to evict a tenant we placed. When we have to perform an eviction, these are the typical costs involved: Pay or Quit Notices – $45-55 (approximate) depending on … Read more

How do you handle evictions?

This is another important part of the property management process. Through our systems, most problem tenants leave gracefully. We have specific procedures for handling problems and we don’t play around. (More info on Las Vegas evictions) COVID Update: Due to the ever changing rules surrounding evictions, we can not provide a timeline for the eviction … Read more

Can you make exceptions for my tenant?

NO. We must follow the lease. An effective property management process involves following the contracts and enforcing leases at all times. We will not make exceptions for your tenant, as that is a potential Fair Housing issue. If you ask us to make exceptions for your tenant, we will give you the opportunity to make … Read more

Do you enforce the rules of the Lease?

Yes. The lease governs how we handle tenant issues. If we take over management of a property with an existing tenant, their existing lease will govern, until we renew with our lease.

At what point do you evict a tenant for not paying?

We post a Pay or Quit notices on the 5th of the month (or the next business day after). After that, per Nevada state law, tenants have 7 full business days to pay. At that point if they have still not paid, then we file eviction (around the middle of the month). Once we start … Read more

Who keeps the late fee?

We do. Here’s why: Our management fee is dependent on both owners and tenants abiding by the rules. When tenants pay late, this causes a lot of extra work for us. We must spend time and resources sending notices, listening to their sad stories and complaining, repeating the lease terms, collecting certified funds, spending extra … Read more

What happens when a tenant pays late?

Reminders, late fees, Pay or Quit notices, etc. Typically, there is a 3 day grace period, then a late fee is added. 2019 Update: As of July 1, 2019, Nevada state law has capped late fees at 5% of the monthly rent amount. Our system automatically charges late fees on unpaid balances. If tenants don’t … Read more

How do you handle pets?

This issue is up to you. According to these statistics, 68% of US households include at least 1 pet, and most of those have at least 1 dog. By not allowing pets, you eliminate the majority of the tenant pool, which means it will be harder to find a qualified tenant. When accepting pets, we … Read more

What about tenant damages?

The condition of property is documented prior to tenant move in. This is used to compare the condition at move out. Any damage beyond normal wear is charged to the tenant’s security deposit. If the tenant paid a cleaning fee, then any excess cleaning costs are also charged to the tenant’s security deposit. If damages … Read more