How do you handle repair / service calls?

Category: Repairs and Maintenance

Tenants make maintenance requests directly to our team. Depending on the nature of the request, a vendor will be requested immediately, or within 1 business day. We take emergencies seriously and have vendors who are happy to work with us as needed.

  • Calls Under $500 – It is cheaper, faster and better to fix the problem right away. We will dispatch an appropriate vendor and get the item fixed in a timely manner, then charge the cost to your owner account. Normally, the cost is simply deducted from rent funds. Examples of non-urgent calls may be: broken garbage disposal, broken closet door, minor irrigation leak… things that don’t immediately jeopardize your property or the health and safety of the tenant.
  • Non-Urgent Calls Over $500 – We will get a bid from a trusted vendor and request your approval before getting the work done. Depending on cost, we may collect a payment from you up front. Examples of non-urgent calls over $400 may be: major appliances, pool equipment failure… bigger ticket items that don’t immediately jeopardize your property or the health of the tenant.
  • Urgent Calls Over $500 – If we can’t reach you immediately, we will make a decision for you. We are required by Nevada law to take care of health and safety issues right away. Examples may include broken pipes, AC failure in summer or heating failure in winter, leaking roof… things that immediately jeopardize your property and/or the health of the tenant. This is not frequent and may never happen to you. If it happens, we take care of it ASAP. Depending on the cost, we may require payment from you before getting the work done.