Can you use my favorite handyman for repairs on my property?

Category: Repairs and Maintenance

Probably not. If the main reason you want to use them is price, chances are they are not the best in availability or service quality. We will not let an important repair wait for 1 particular vendor to answer the phone. We reserve the right to choose which vendors we feel are best suited for the job, based on the work needed, availability etc. If a repair is needed immediately, we will use whichever trusted vendor is available asap.

However, if you have a vendor who is a rockstar, we will be happy to test them. If they work out, great! But if they do a poor job, you will have to pay for the correction with one of our trusted vendors. We won’t use a bad vendor more than once. Again, WHEN a cheap handyman fails, the tenants will blame us as well as you. We have a long list of tested vendors who will do the work at a fair price. They give us priority and fair pricing because we use them frequently and we pay quickly. Over time, this will definitely be worth much more to you than the few dollars you hope to save by using someone super cheap.