What happens if I purchase a home warranty?

If you want to use a home warranty, we strongly recommend that you use our favorite representative at Old Republic to set that up. We will be happy to refer you to her (and no, we don’t get any kick backs for this). Using the right warranty company and the right representative can make the … Read more

Will there be a repair issue after a new tenant moves in?

Probably. If you have recently purchased the property, or if a tenant was recently evicted, brace yourself mentally for a repair list. This is normal and to be expected. If we have already been managing the rental, there may be fewer repairs needed after a new tenant is placed. However, we are not Home Inspectors … Read more

Can you use my favorite handyman for repairs on my property?

Probably not. If the main reason you want to use them is price, chances are they are not the best in availability or service quality. We will not let an important repair wait for 1 particular vendor to answer the phone. We reserve the right to choose which vendors we feel are best suited for … Read more

Can you do rent collection only, while I handle maintenance?

No. We have tried this in the past, and it caused many more problems than it was worth. WHEN that cheap handyman or your friend’s cousin’s buddy does a bad job, and a tenant is harmed as a result, that tenant will sue you and us. Our management and professional maintenance team are worth much … Read more

Do you use vendor kick backs?

No! Contrary to some folks’ belief, all property managers are not crooks out to rip people off. We have a long list of tried and tested vendors at our disposal, so work gets done efficiently and at a reasonable price. In addition, we pay vendors quickly upon completion of work, instead of the typical “net30”. … Read more

What about maintenance fees?

We do not charge a fee for coordinating maintenance. This is part of our Las Vegas property management service. We do not mark up vendor invoices.

How do you handle repair / service calls?

Tenants make maintenance requests directly to our team. Depending on the nature of the request, a vendor will be requested immediately, or within 1 business day. We take emergencies seriously and have vendors who are happy to work with us as needed. Calls Under $500 – It is cheaper, faster and better to fix the … Read more