Renters FAQ

Tenants: You have questions. We have answers.

What are the rental requirements?

All persons age 18+ must complete their own applications, in their own name, using their own separate email address. If we have evidence that an application was submitted by someone else, we cannot process it. If more than one person’s application is submitted using the same email address, we cannot process it.

• All applicants will be required to meet the following basic requirements: No evictions in the past 5 years; no unpaid landlords; no unpaid utility bills; no payday loans in collection. We also require applicants have no active criminal proceedings, or any history of violent crimes or drug sale/distribution offenses in the last 5 years. We will not accept registered sex offenders. Please make sure you meet these basic requirements before you apply.

• We perform local and national background checks. If your credit or rental history is weak, you may still qualify with increased security deposit. You will need to upload a copy of valid government ID and proof of income. We use TheClosingDocs to verify income for every application.

• Please note: We process completed applications in the order received. An incomplete application will not be processed until it is completed. All information must be filled in, and copies of ID + proof of income + income verification + animal verification must be provided to complete an application. If anything is missing, your application will be marked incomplete and we will attempt to obtain the information from you. However, if another complete application is submitted before you complete yours, we will process that person’s application first. Please make sure to provide all information and documents in order to avoid missing out on the rental of your choice.

Learn more about our Rental Requirements

What about pets?

If pets are allowed at a particular property, we require all pets to be screened using Pet Screening. Pets must receive at least a “3 paw” score on their scale in order to be accepted. There will be a pet deposit and/or fee, depending on the number of pets and their “paw score”.
** All applicants with assistive animals must also complete an animal profile through Pet Screening, at no charge to the applicant.
• Tenants are responsible for damage caused by animals. If a tenant is found housing any animals which were not authorized and/or verified, a $500 penalty will be imposed. If the situation is not remedied immediately, it will be considered grounds for eviction and appropriate action will be taken. Animal rescue, breeding, or sitting services are not allowed in our rentals under any circumstances, and they do not qualify for assistive animal exceptions. Practicing any type of animal rescue, breeding, or sitting service in our rentals will be grounds for eviction.

How much is the application fee?

The rental application fee is $50 per adult and must be completed separately by each adult to reside on property, even if only part time. The application fee is not refundable for any reason.

Can I apply alone and let other adults live with me?

No. Anyone aged 18+ who will reside on property (whether part time or full time), must complete an application and sign the lease. There are no exceptions to this rule. If someone will move in with you later, that person must be added to the lease.

What does the move-in process look like?

We know moving is a big deal, so we try to make this as painless as possible. Once you have selected a rental property and the rental application is completed for all adult occupants, we will process the application. It can take 1-3 business days for this, depending on how fast we get responses from your previous landlords and/or other references. If you would like to speed up this process, you can contact your previous landlords and ask them to respond to our verification request asap.

Once an application is approved, we will notify you and the owner, and generate a lease. The lease will be made available for review and signing in your Online Tenant Portal. A non-refundable Holding Fee must be paid to reserve the property for you and take it off the market. The Holding Fee credits to your move-in charges when you move in. Once everyone has signed the lease, it will be saved in your Online Tenant Portal for access anytime. Then you pay the balance of move-in charges, set up utilities, provide proof of renter’s insurance, receive access to keys, and move in. If you find something needs repair, you should report that through your secure Online Tenant Portal. We will dispatch a repair vendor promptly.

If you find any cosmetic issues in the home, you should take pictures of those and report them to us in ONE LIST, within 48 hours after your move in. This will be noted in your tenant file.

How do I pay rent?

Rent can be paid in two ways: 1) Use a bank account to pay for FREE in your Online Tenant Portal. 2) Use the CASHPAY method at stores such as Walmart, Smiths, Cardenas, and many others. We provide a CASHPAY sheet to all tenants, so anyone can use this method if they choose.

** Note: We also require all approved applicants to pay all move in monies using the CASHPAY method. AFTER move in, you will have the option to pay rent online.

Pay rent online Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas
Click to see the example of where to pay rent in the Online Tenant Portal.

What if a repair is needed?

You must send a maintenance request via your Online Tenant Portal as soon as you are aware of a problem. We will dispatch a repair vendor to schedule with you at your earliest convenience. In case of emergency, we may dispatch a repair vendor immediately. Emergency situations require us to access the property with or without your presence. Please note: some things are the responsibility of tenants, so if you request that we send a repair vendor for those items, we will charge the cost to your tenant account, and it will become payable the same as rent. Items which are tenant responsibility include, but may not be limited to:

  • Clogged drains, toilets, or garbage disposals
  • Broken windows
  • Pest control after the first 30 days of your lease
  • Changing air filters
  • Light bulbs
  • Smoke detector batteries

Tenants may also be responsible for a deductible amount on all maintenance calls. This will be stated in the lease. Maintenance deductible means tenants may be charged the first $xx of the cost of a maintenance call. This charge is added to the tenant’s account and becomes payable as rent.

I just turned on the heater and smell smoke!

Please watch this video: This is an extremely common thing. Dust collects in the heating unit when not being used for months, and the first time it turns on, it burns off the dust and produces a smoky smell. It may even cause a smoke alarm to sound.

I have to change air filters?

Yes. Tenants must change air filters at least every 3 months. Not doing so will eventually cause the heat or AC to stop working. If any HVAC damage is found to be related to unchanged or dirty air filters, tenant will be charged for the repair cost. This can be very expensive, so please make sure you set up some kind of reminders to change those filters regularly!

How do I handle clogged toilets or drains?

Tenants are responsible for clogged toilets or drains. If we must send a plumber to fix the problem, the cost will be charged to your tenant account. Fortunately, there are simple and inexpensive ways to take care of this yourself. You can find dozens of video tutorials on Youtube.

What happens when the lease expires?

Our leases are set to automatically renew on a month-to-month basis. If the owner wants to make a new lease, we will contact you to offer you that option and set it up. We will also perform a property visit before doing a lease renewal. If all parties agree we will generate a new lease to be reviewed and signed in your Online Tenant Portal. If you want to move at the end of your lease, you must give a written 30 day notice. Not giving proper notice will result in loss of your security deposit, so please make sure to give at least 30 days notice. We don’t benefit when tenants lose their security deposit, so we would prefer you give proper notice!

What if I want to move before the end of my lease?

You will need to pay a Lease Break Fee, or you may be responsible for the entire remainder of the lease term. If you are unsure whether you can fulfill a full lease term, we strongly suggest you look for rentals accepting shorter lease terms or month-to-month options.

What happens when I want to move?

You notify us in writing, at least 30 days before your move out date. Also, provide us with a forwarding address so we can return any security deposit refund owed along with a statement. Once you remove your belongings from the property, you return all keys to us. After that, we will inspect the property and deal with your security deposit. You must provide us with proof of final utility bills being paid in full within 25 days after you move out. We cannot disburse any security deposit refunds until we receive this information.

What happens to my security deposit?

We keep security deposits in a trust account that is monitored by the state. After a tenant vacates and returns keys, we will inspect the property. If you paid an advance cleaning fee, and the cost of cleaning is more than the amount you paid, the overage will be charged to your security deposit. Any cleaning cost or damages beyond normal wear will be charged to the security deposit. You must provide us with proof of all final utility bills being paid in full within 25 days after you move out. We will provide you with a statement of any costs deducted from the security deposit, along with any refund owed, within 30 days after you vacate. If damages exceed the security deposit, we will bill you for the overage.

What if I want to get a roommate or move in a partner?

That person will need to be approved and added to the lease. We will collect their ID, perform a background check, and if approved, then all parties will sign an addendum to add the roommate to the lease. There is a small $50 one-time admin fee for this.

Can I sublet?

Subletting is not allowed. If you need to move and want to find a new tenant to avoid breaking your lease, that can be done. You would need to have the new potential tenant complete a rental application and once approved, we can have them take over your lease. Note: The new tenant would need to pay a Security Deposit in order to complete the process of lease takeover. There is a $150 Lease Takeover Fee, to cover the administrative costs of processing the paperwork and Security Deposits. This is much less expensive than the cost of breaking the lease.

Can I AirBnB my rental home?

No. In many areas of Las Vegas, it is illegal to provide “vacation rental” services. In areas where it is legal, the property must be licensed which involves city inspections and other red tape. Therefore, we simply cannot allow any type of “vacation rental”, whether through AirBnB or otherwise. If you do so anyway, that is a lease violation and grounds for eviction.

What if someone breaks into my rental?

You should call the police immediately. If your safety is in danger, call 911. Your required renter’s insurance may cover damage or losses – check your policy. Report the break-in to us as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for you or your belongings when a break-in occurs. Crime can happen anywhere, and landlords cannot be responsible for that.

Help! I have a noisy or nuisance neighbor!

If you live in an HOA community, please report the noise to the HOA. They can be quite effective in dealing with excessive noise or nuisance complaints. You can also report to police if the noise is really excessive. Finally, if you live in a building or community that is managed by us and someone is causing a problem, we encourage you to report that to us. We do not disclose the source of complaints.