Landlord vs. Tenant Responsibilities in Las Vegas – Who Pays for What?

Landlord vs. Tenant Responsibilities in Las Vegas – Who Pays for What? - Article Banner

You own the home but your tenant is living in it. 

So, who is responsible for things like maintenance, utilities, pest control, and air filters?

That will depend on your Las Vegas lease agreement, which should stipulate in detail who is responsible for what. 

There are certain obvious standards. Most tenants understand they’re responsible for paying the rent. Landlords in Las Vegas know it’s their job to provide a safe, habitable, well-maintained home. 

The uncertainty usually rests in minor maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. Maintaining a rental property requires a transparent and trusting partnership between owners, tenants, and vendors. You need to be clear about what’s expected from your tenants and there has to be some documented division of responsibilities. 

If you’re working with a Las Vegas property management company, there’s not much for you to worry about. Your property managers will take care of anything that you as an owner would normally be responsible for. You’ll have to pay the bills, but you won’t be the one searching for plumbers and holding tenants accountable. 

However, if you’re an independent landlord wondering how to approach the maintenance and repairs needed at your property, you’ll need to know what your responsibilities are and what you can reasonably expect from your tenants. 

Let’s go back to the importance of a strong lease agreement. You need to have one that’s legally enforceable and clear. You also need a reliable network of licensed and insured vendor and contractors. Finally, you’ll really need a willingness to talk openly and transparently to your tenants so they’re clear on their own responsibilities and your expectations.

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Renovations to Maximize Your Rental Income in Las Vegas

Renovations to Maximize Your Rental Income in Las Vegas - Article Banner

Renovations don’t have to be scary and expensive. When you think about renovating a Las Vegas property, you might immediately think about gutting a kitchen, adding a new story, or completely remodeling a bedroom. 

But, it doesn’t have to be all that. 

Renovations can be cost-effective, and when we’re talking about renovating a Las Vegas rental property, they can help you earn more in rent. They can also help you attract high quality tenants quickly, which also affects your earnings. 

Attractive and well-maintained homes earn the highest rents. You have to make sure your property can compete. 

When it comes to setting your rental price, there are many things over which you have no control. You cannot control the strength of the Las Vegas rental market. You cannot control the amount of competition that happens to exist when you’re looking for tenants and setting rents. Unless you’re about to buy a new investment property, you cannot control the location of your property and whether it’s in a desirable neighborhood. 

One thing you can control, however, is property condition. 

Making rental property renovations will maximize what you earn. But, you have to make the right renovations and you have to use reliable vendors who aren’t going to go over-budget or delay the project.  

Let’s talk about why these renovations matter. Then, we’ll share some of our favorite upgrades and updates that are sure to bring in more rent and better residents.

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How to Determine if a Las Vegas Rental Property Is a Good Investment?

How to Determine if a Las Vegas Rental Property Is a Good Investment - Article Banner

You’ve made a good decision if you’ve decided to invest in Las Vegas rental property. In this market, the rents are climbing, there’s a large pool of qualified tenants, and home values are rising. It’s a competitive market, but the home prices in Las Vegas are still attractive, especially compared to other U.S. cities.

To have a profitable investment experience, however, you have to buy the right property.

How do you know if a potential opportunity is a good investment?

That will depend on several things, starting with your own investment goals.

You’ll have to work around the current market trends and the local tenant demands when you’re selecting a good investment property. While the right acquisition will depend on why you’re investing and what you’re hoping to achieve, several things will tell you right away whether a property you’re considering has good rental investment potential.

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Strawberry Realty – Providing Credit Reporting in 2022

Reporting tenant rent payments to credit bureaus

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA December 30th, 2021

Beginning in early 2022, Strawberry Realty – Property Management in Las Vegas will provide a credit reporting service that reflects rental payments made by tenants. This integration will be provided for all clients and tenants automatically.

With this new system in place, Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas will report tenant rent payments to credit reporting agencies such as TransUnion and Equifax. Tenants do not need to opt into this service; it’s set to be provided beginning in the New Year to every resident renting a home from the Las Vegas property management company.

This program will report both positive and negative payment patterns. It will also report any unpaid debt owed by tenants who moved out.

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What Owners Need to Know about Nevada’s Updated Landlord/Tenant Laws

Nevada’s Updated Landlord/Tenant Laws

When you’re renting out your property in Nevada, you need to stay on top of the rental laws that dictate how you manage your property and your tenant. Sometimes, the changes can be head-spinning. 

Do You Have to Evict Your Tenant? Why You Should Hire a Professional Las Vegas Management Company

Do You Have to Evict Your Tenant - article banner

Evictions have been difficult over the course of the pandemic. The federal moratorium has made it nearly impossible for Las Vegas rental property owners to remove tenants who cannot pay their rent.  However, that eviction moratorium is coming to an end, and federal courts have recently struck down the ban on evictions. If you have … Read more

What Nevada Landlords Need to Know About the New Law AB486

What to Know About the New Law AB486 - article banner

The Nevada State Legislature recently passed Assembly Bill 486, which protects tenants from being evicted under a specific set of circumstances, until June 2023. This expiration date conveniently lines up with the next state legislative session.

What this means for Nevada landlords is,

  • Eviction for nonpayment of rent is much more difficult.
  • Nevada landlords cannot use a “no-cause” eviction if the tenant is in default of rent at the time the notice is served.
  • Tenants may not be evicted for nonpayment in Nevada if:
    • they have a pending application for rental assistance
    • the landlord refuses to accept the rental assistance
    • the landlord refuses to cooperate with a rental assistance program

It is important to note that AB 486 is not applicable to serious nuisance issues, unlawful subletting, unlawful business activities, foreclosure, commercial evictions, or in case of extreme lease violations like drug violations or property damage. It is applicable only in case of nonpayment.

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Why Communication with your Property Manager is Important

Property Management Why Communication is Important - article banner

When you invest in Las Vegas rental property, you need to keep your attention on the various things that impact your ROI. You want to limit vacancy and turnover. You want to study the local rental market and follow the trends in what tenants desire and require.

Communication also has an impact on maximizing your earnings and ROI. Specifically, communication with your Las Vegas property management company affects what you earn.

Here’s why it matters.

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Best Property Manager in Las Vegas

Best property manager in Las Vegas

Finding the best property manager in Las Vegas to lease, manage, and maintain your rental properties can seem daunting. Every management company you talk to will promise the most extensive services and the best possible customer support. 

5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Property Management Company in Las Vegas

5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Property Management Company in Las Vegas - article banner

Choosing a Las Vegas property management company to lease, maintain, and manage your investments can seem a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of choices, and how do you know who you can trust?  We advise you to take your time, do the research that’s required, and conduct an in-depth interview with several companies so … Read more