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There are several very simple things every landlord can do to avoid some potentially serious problems with a rental property. Here is a checklist to help you.

1) Get a private mailbox

Use this as your owner address of record. This is important for 2 reasons: a) You do not want HOA notices or tax bills going to your rental property address. Tenants will throw these away and you will get slapped with liens if their notices go unanswered. b) Your address is freely available on the Clark County Assessor website. Do not use your home address, unless you are comfortable with a potential angry tenant knocking on your door unannounced. A private mailbox is available at places like Postnet, UPS Store, etc. Do NOT use a post office box (PO Box #) – the county assessor will not accept a PO box.

2) Property Tax

Make sure the Clark County Assessor updates your address for all properties you own. Use your Private Mailbox address. Get the change of address form here. The address format should look like this:

1234 Street Av #987 (do not use PMB)
Las Vegas NV 89100

3) HOA

Update your mailing address with them. Use your private mailbox address, same as above. Make sure to verify this because you do not want to miss out on their letters. If possible, get the HOA to send your notices via email. HOWEVER, you should still have them update your mailing address to be safe.

4) Rules

While you’re dealing with the HOA, go ahead and get an updated copy of the CC&Rs (rules). You should have a copy anyway, and we will have to provide this to a tenant, so get it now.

5) Utilities

If we are paying the bills: We will need a copy of the latest statement and possibly additional info from you, to set that up. If you are paying the utility bills: Update your mailing address for trash, sewer, water – any utilities you will pay. Most owners of Las Vegas rental property should pay sewer and trash because these companies will put liens on your property if bills aren’t paid. We can add this cost to the rent, and we are happy to manage paying these bills for you.

6) Insurance

Get a landlord policy. Your regular homeowner’s insurance will not cover liability or damages for rental property. We have a list of insurance companies and agents on our FAQ pageNote: You must also add Strawberry Property Management LLC as “additional insured” to your landlord policy. This is required.

7) Keys

Gather all keys, garage remotes, gate remotes, pool keys, community keys, mailbox keys. Provide all of these to our team. We need access and we must provide these items to tenants.

8) Alarm

If you have an active alarm system, provide us with the codes and instructions. If we don’t know how to disarm the alarm, you will receive distressing “break-in” calls when we try to show the property to prospective tenants.

9) Codes

If you have a community gate code and/or garage code – please provide these to our team. We need access.

10) Mailbox, Parking, Storage

Provide the mailbox, parking, and storage space numbers to our team. We must provide these to a tenant so go ahead and get that info up front.

** Keep in touch!

Provide us with a way to contact you quickly, even if you’re on vacation. And check your messages! The fastest route to Frustration Town is via not communicating with your property management team. We will rarely need to contact you under normal circumstances, but if something abnormal happens, we must be able to reach you. We are here to help protect your real estate investment, so please don’t leave us in the dark.

Sit back and relax. It is our job to deal with the day to day hassles of managing rental property. You hired us for a reason. YAY!