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Category: Evictions

This is another important part of the property management process. Through our systems, most problem tenants leave gracefully. We have specific procedures for handling problems and we don’t play around. (More info on Las Vegas evictions)
COVID Update: Due to the ever changing rules surrounding evictions, we can not provide a timeline for the eviction process at this time. At the time of writing, it is possible to evict for lease violations other than non-payment, and it is possible to terminate a rental agreement where the lease is expired or on a month to month term.

The Nevada state legislature passed new law in 2021. At this time, landlords must allow any non-paying tenant to apply for rent assistance before eviction. This means an eviction may take 3 months or more. If the tenant qualifies for rent assistance, then you may receive all the back rent up to that point. Please read our post on the new law for more information.

Category: Evictions

We make every effort to find good tenants, but even the best processes can let a problem slip through once in a while. Fortunately, we rarely have to evict a tenant we placed. When we have to perform an eviction, these are the typical costs involved:

  • Pay or Quit Notices – $45-55 (approximate) depending on distance, for the Process Server – We add this fee to the tenant’s rent.
  • Eviction Filing – $150 – This is the first step in eviction process and some tenants will leave at this point. Court filing fee is included.
  • Court Appearance – $300 – If the tenant fights and we have to suit up for court, this is the cost to represent you.
  • Lock Outs – $250 – In the rare event a “lock out” is required. This includes the constable, lock change and a video of the property.
  • If it becomes necessary to use a lawyer for an eviction, you will pay the lawyer fees directly.
Category: Evictions

Covid has changed the rules for evictions in Nevada. After the governor’s “eviction moratorium” ended, the state legislature passed a new law in 2021. This new law is effective until mid-2023, and essentially requires all landlords and property managers to participate in the rental assistance program before evicting any tenant for non-payment. You can read more about that law here.

However, it is still possible to evict tenants for lease violations, and we can still terminate a rental agreement with a 30 day notice. Fortunately we have had extremely few tenant problems, thanks to our rigorous tenant screening.

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