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Las Vegas Eviction Service: Get the help you need

Las Vegas eviction service
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Let our team handle your problem tenant

No matter how thoroughly rental applications are screened, sometimes tenants go bad. They may come up with 1000 different excuses but the bottom line is simple: they are costing you money. That’s why it’s best to get them out as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are a few ways to handle this, depending on the type of lease or rental agreement you have, and the reasons you need to evict the tenant.

Las Vegas evictions can be as simple as posting a notice, or it can involve filing with the courts, presenting the materials in court, hiring the constable to perform a lockout, lock changes, etc. We offer complete eviction service in Las Vegas. We are familiar with the various methods to evict a problem tenant and can effectively navigate the system for you.

How we evict bad tenants in Las Vegas

Our comprehensive Las Vegas eviction service involves posting and mailing all required notices; filing with the courts, as well as the court appearance; coordinating with the constable and a vendor to change locks; a video of the lockout / walk-through of the property after lockout. We will handle the entire process from start to finish with professionalism.

Can you do the eviction yourself? Sure you can. However, if you are unfamiliar with the process it is easy to make a very simple mistake that can result in having to start the whole process over. The courts do not accept improper documents – even a small mistake can cost you weeks of time and hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost rental income.

*** Note: If you contract our Las Vegas Eviction Service, it is extremely important that you do NOT communicate with the tenant AT ALL. Direct the tenant to us. The most common reason an eviction case is lost is the owner communicated directly with the tenant.

How Las Vegas Evictions Work

Approximate Timeline

Day 1: Notice Posting

This should generally occur on the 5th calendar day of the month for unpaid rent. Many tenants will pay or leave at this stage.

Day 10: Eviction Filing

The tenant has 7 judicial days to vacate or file an answer with the courts so this is an approximate date. Local, state, national holidays and weekends do not count. Once 7 full judicial days have passed after notice was posted, we file the eviction with the court.

Day 16: Court Date

Approximate court date if the tenant files a response to request a court date. We will appear in court on your behalf to present the required documents and information. Provided nothing unusual happens, eviction is normally granted at this time. If so, we will file a request with the constable’s office to perform the lockout.

Day 20: Lockout

Depending on the constable’s schedule, this can be done as soon as the 2nd business day after eviction is granted. We will coordinate with the constable and a locksmith to have the tenant removed and locks changed. We will video the condition of the property at that time.

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◊◊Eviction Timeline Note

Due to ever changing Covid rules, any eviction for non-payment may take 3 months or more. Please read this post for info.

If a tenant chooses to “fight”, the eviction process can be delayed. The tenant may file a “motion to stay” for $50 with the courts. Even if they win, they will typically only delay the process by a few more days. Some non-paying tenants will try to claim they aren’t paying rent due to unrepaired damages, pests, etc. This does not work, if you know how to handle it! At the most, they may buy themselves a little more time. We are experienced with handling difficult evictions. We handle it efficiently and professionally through out.