Mold: a Landlord’s Invisible Enemy

Rental property owners and tenants are usually well aware of the significant threats to property value, including termites, roof damage, and an aging electrical system. However, a potentially more significant threat is the possibility of mold growing in your property. Black mold is particularly toxic and may lead to a number of health problems in those who live in the home or apartment where it appears. Here are some of the reasons that mold may harm your property even worse than other common issues.

Mold Grows in the Desert

The dry climate in southern Nevada does not make your Las Vegas rental properties immune to mold. In fact, the heat can sometimes encourage growth in a damp environment. This is why it is so important to watch for water leaks and get plumbing issues repaired in a timely manner.

Mold is Not Always Visible

Mold requires a moist environment to grow and spread. It feeds on materials like wallpaper, sheetrock, and drywall that become damp due to water leaks, drips, or flooding. It may grow behind the wall or under the floor at first, so the residents do not see it immediately. The NCDHHS explains that mold growth is affected by moisture, temperature, and plentiful food. Molds feed on dead organic matter such as wallpaper glue, some paints, textiles, wood products, indoor dust, and more. Different types of mold have minimum, optimum and maximum temperature ranges for growth. Excessive moisture provides a favorable environment for molds.

By the time mold becomes evident, they have been exposed to it and may be experiencing allergy-type symptoms, some of which may require medical treatment. Unless someone knows where to look, mold can stay hidden for long periods of time while still causing problems to occupants of the property.

Some People Take Mold for Granted

Many tenants don’t worry about mold, especially in small amounts, like small spots or a powdery dusting of colorful or dark fungi. They often let it go unchecked until the mold grows out of control. Sometimes tenants try to clean the mold themselves, not realizing they need proper equipment and the correct technique to protect themselves and keep it from spreading throughout the property.

Mold is a serious problem that may need attention from a professional. When you find mold on the property, it’s important to address underlying problems that are causing mold to flourish. Schuelke Plumbing explains that mold and other fungal infestations flourish in moisture-rich environments and even a minor leak in your plumbing can cause problems down the road. It’s important to find the source of the water damage and address it with a qualified plumber.

It Might Not Appear to Be Harmful

Because mold appears in small concentrations at first and is seemingly easy to clean, some tenants and rental property owners don’t recognize the visual signs. Mold can be colorful or dark, appearing to be dirt or soot smudges, or a chemical reaction to the floor or wall that is not an issue. However, the truth is that the dangers of mold are rampant.

Behind The Scenes Home Inspections explains that molds can create a large range of health problems depending on the exposure and tolerance levels of different persons. Those that can be affected most are generally immune deficient people (pregnant women, asthmatics, cancer patients, those with respiratory concerns, and more), but any person can be affected depending on their body’s particular tolerance levels. Signs of mold, no matter how slight, should be addressed immediately, using the proper tools and approach.

Effects May Not Be Immediate

People who are exposed to mold may not realize they are having a reaction. Those who are allergic might notice a few symptoms, which may or may not be a response to the mold. In time, the cause becomes evident. Rental property owners should deal with mold immediately to prevent serious problems for their property and their tenants.


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