Best Property Manager in Las Vegas

How do you find the best property manager in Las Vegas?

Finding the best property manager in Las Vegas to lease, manage, and maintain your rental properties can seem daunting. Every management company you talk to will promise the most extensive services and the best possible customer support. A great way to find the best property management company in town is to check their reputation and reviews. They should have plenty of positive reviews, and a few negative ones as well. If most of their reviews are positive sprinkled with a few disgruntled renter reviews, this is a pretty good sign the property manager is doing their job for their investor clients.

They all say they offer the best service. How do you know they’ll deliver on their promises?

AtStrawberry Property Management Las Vegas, we believe you should look to a company’s reputation. 

When current and former clients are willing to speak highly about their experience with a Las Vegas property manager, it’s worth listening. 

Here are some of the things our valued customers have had to say about us.

Investors Appreciate Hands-Off Ownership

If you’re a Las Vegas real estate investor who doesn’t have the time, resources, or experience to be an active participant in the day-to-day management of your rental property, we’re here to provide everything you need. Here’s what our hands-off owners have to say:

Sam and Jayme (5 Star Review):

“I am going into 3 years of being a customer of Strawberry and am very happy with my property management service. Since becoming a customer, I have been entirely hands off and haven’t looked back since. Since being able to be hands off, the decisions, communications, and details have been timely and predictable. The software and accessibility is up-to-date and convenient, with very little need to for me to ask questions. I feel like my property manager and I are always on the same page and she’s very respectful of everyone’s time and wishes. If you like an easy relationship, where “communication is key”, action-driven property manager, and simplified, modernized way of property management, then I highly recommend Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas.”

Daniel M (5 Star Review):

“I have been using Strawberry for 2 years now. I asked for a more hands off situation for my unit and have been given exactly everything I requested. Casey found me an excellent tenant through her process in a matter of just a few days. The terms are fair and reasonable, but the service is excellent.”

Less Stress and More Peace of Mind with Las Vegas Property Management 

One of the best reasons to turn the leasing and management of your rental property over to a professional is that it takes all the hassle out of owning a Las Vegas rental property. Here’s how we’ve helped owners feel better about their rental experience:

AC (5 Star Review): 

“Casey at Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas is awesome! She was very quick in getting a tenant for me and secured a two-year lease. It takes a lot of stress off of my shoulders that I do not have to find and screen my own tenant. Casey does an excellent job keeping records as I get an end-of-year summary. Overall my experience with Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas has been great!”

Jocelyn J (5 Star Review):

“It was three years ago that me and my husband decided to rent out our first (old) house. We have busy lives and we decided to hire a property manager to take out all the stress in managing a rental property. I interviewed 5 property managers in the Las Vegas area and reviewed all the contracts that each of these property managers submitted. After talking to all of them, I decided to go with Casey of Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas. She is easy to work with and she understands the needs of both tenants and property owners. She communicates in a timely manner and recommends what is the best action to take in a given situation. We are very much satisfied with her service. I would greatly recommend hiring her as your partner in your rental property needs.”

Maximizing Your Investment Outcomes

Whether you’re an experienced investor growing a portfolio or a new rental property owner with a single house on the market, you want to make sure your rental property earns more and loses less. Our clients know that our experience, systems, and communication help them have a more profitable investment experience. Here’s what they’ve said:

John S (5 Star Review):

“Casey and the Strawberry team are great to work with. We’ve had multiple rental properties managed by Strawberry and they do an outstanding job with communications, timely resolution of issues, finding quality tenants, and everything else associated with maintaining and maximizing an investment property. I’ve worked with other Property Management companies and so far Strawberry is the best I’ve experienced.”

Maritza D (5 Star Review):

“Casey P***** will always be on your side! Casey is excellent, both as a professional and as an advisor. Casey has been managing and selling properties for several years. She holds herself and others to high standards, making her an asset for my investments in Nevada. Casey has saved me substantial amounts of money by fighting insurance disputes, ensuring rental payments are submitted on time, and protecting my investments against vacancies. I would hire Casey for any other Nevada investment. She is just excellent in every respect.”

best property managers in las vegas

This is how you knowStrawberry Property Management Las Vegas is the best choice for your Las Vegas property management needs. You’re not taking our word for it – you’re listening to owners and investors who know it’s true. If you’re looking for the best property management company in Las Vegas – look no further!

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