Do You Have to Evict Your Tenant? Why You Should Hire a Professional Las Vegas Management Company

Evictions have been difficult over the course of the pandemic. The federal moratorium has made it nearly impossible for Las Vegas rental property owners to remove tenants who cannot pay their rent. 

However, that eviction moratorium is coming to an end, and federal courts have recently struck down the ban on evictions. If you have a tenant who isn’t paying rent or is violating the terms of your lease agreement, you may have no choice but to evict.

We strongly recommend you get some help from a professional Las Vegas property management company before you move forward with an eviction. Even as things get back to normal in the eviction courts after the pandemic, there are still risks to owners who try to navigate the process on their own. A simple mistake can set you back and cost you money.

Before you Evict:  Contact Your Tenant

Most evictions are due to unpaid rent. If your rent is late, check your lease agreement to make sure you aren’t forgetting about any grace periods that might be in place. Then, contact your tenant. It’s completely possible that it was simply forgotten. Perhaps your tenant faced an unforeseen financial emergency and needs a little extra time. In such a case, you may be able to work out a payment arrangement, which is often better for you and your resident.

It’s important to remain professional. Don’t be confrontational or threatening. Remind the tenant that rent is due and ask when you can expect it. If you don’t get anywhere with your tenants, contact a property manager and begin the necessary steps that lead you towards eviction. 

Serving a Pay or Quit Notice

Before you can head to the courthouse, you’ll have to serve your non-paying tenants a notice. This notice must provide the tenant with five days to pay rent or move out of the home. If the five days come and go and the tenant has neither caught up with the late rent nor moved out of the property, it’s time to file the eviction lawsuit. 

One of the reasons it’s so important to work with a property manager is that the notice has to include specific information in order to be legally compliant. You must indicate how much rent is due, including any late fees. You’ll need to inform the tenant how to pay this overdue rent. A five-day notice must also include contact information, property address, and the date the notice is serviced. 

Las Vegas property managers have served these notices before. We know what needs to be included and how they should be served to tenants.

Next is court, and you’ll definitely want some help preparing for court and arguing your case in front of a judge. The rest of the process really depends on how your tenant responds and whether you need to get the sheriff to physically remove your tenant after you’ve won your case and received a Writ of Possession.

Las Vegas property managers

To achieve the best outcomes and protect your valuable investment, contact a Las Vegas property management company. We’d be happy to help you with any eviction related activities. Please contact our team atStrawberry Property Management Las Vegas.