Mold: a Landlord’s Invisible Enemy

Rental property owners and tenants are usually well aware of the significant threats to property value, including termites, roof damage, and an aging electrical system. However, a potentially more significant threat is the possibility of mold growing in your property. Black mold is particularly toxic and may lead to a number of health problems in … Read more

Landlord FAQ: When do I get paid??

full month accounting by property management in las vegas

Many rental property owners want to know when they’ll get paid each month! This video explains how we manage paying owners by the first of every month, no matter when the tenants pay rent. Full Month Accounting! This full month accounting system makes us more efficient, eliminates the need for holding “reserve funds”, and ultimately … Read more

Agent Safety vs Instant Gratification

Agent Safety in real estate and property management

With technology fueling the “need it now” attitude more and more, many people are requesting property showings from the first phone call or message. After all, you can click a few buttons and get practically anything you want delivered to your door lickety split. Why should real estate or rentals be any different? Click, click, … Read more

New tenant move in bags build positive relationships

New tenant gift bag

When a landlord complains about a bad tenant, I often wonder how that relationship started in the first place. Was the tenant properly screened? How were they treated from the beginning? Your attitude in the beginning will color the entire landlord-tenant relationship. Often the relationship between the landlord or property manager and the tenant seems … Read more

Make ready: The cost of doing it yourself

DIY landlords lose money

Many times a landlord will want to perform repairs or “make readies” themselves, in an effort to save money. After all, contractors and hired labor costs can add up. It seems tempting to just buy the materials and do it yourself. How hard can it be, right? But let’s consider the real cost of doing … Read more