Who you hire to manage your real estate investments, MATTERS

Investigate the Property Manager before hiring them

Story time from the broker Recently I’ve taken over management of some rental properties where the brokers of the previous management companies (2 different ones) have gone MIA. We cannot even get them to provide the leases for existing tenants. At least one of them has apparently walked away with 2 months of rent monies … Read more

New Nevada landlord-tenant law 2019

nevada landlord-tenant law changes 2019

The Nevada state legislature passed SB151 this season and it was signed by the governor. It took effect July 1, 2019. Here is a summary of the changes to Nevada landlord-tenant law: The notice period extends from 5 days to 7 judicial days. We must hire a licensed process server, Constable, or attorney to post … Read more

Renting out a home in Las Vegas FAST


One of the most important things that landlords look for in a good property manager, is how fast they can get a tenant! Extended vacancy time costs money. Minimizing that helps investors maximize ROI for their rental properties. Conversation with an out of state peer prompted me to run some numbers, to see how Strawberry … Read more

Landlord debt and evictions not on credit reports

Judgments evictions not on credit reports

Due to changes in credit reporting rules, civil judgements like landlord debt and evictions are no longer included on credit reports. I have been checking local court websites for these things since I first started managing rentals (for entirely different reasons). I noticed some years ago that often I found judgments that didn’t show up … Read more