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Casey Powers – Broker / Property Manager

I have been interested in real estate for most of my adult life. Finally in 2011, I saw an opportunity to dip my toes into real estate investing, and decided to buy rental properties. I had no experience and didn’t know what I was doing, but there were so many deals available at the time, I had to go for it.

Looking back, I made many mistakes in the early days, especially as a landlord dealing with renters. I didn’t understand the importance of good contracts and sticking to the lease. I didn’t know how to enforce the contracts, or how to properly screen tenants. Bluntly, I didn’t even understand all the details of a lease. As a result of all of this, I lost money unnecessarily.

I quickly realized that in order to make the most of my real estate investments, I needed to learn how to better manage rental properties. There is a lot more to it than just finding someone who will agree to the rent price, signing a lease, and then sitting back and watching the rent money roll in. I invested thousands of hours into this education, and learned a lot from my mistakes. I definitely became a better property manager.

Along the way, I decided to obtain my real estate license and property management permit, so that I could put my experience and education to use helping others. A couple of years later, after much hard work, I qualified to obtain my broker license, and Strawberry Realty was born. Over the years I have built my team and developed effective property management processes, and continually work to fine tune our systems.

Aside from work, I enjoy traveling, playing computer geek, and hiking around Las Vegas.

About the company

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At Strawberry Realty, providing superior property management and real estate sales service is our mission. We don’t just say “we’re different”. Let us show you! We are constantly seeking to improve efficiencies and find ways to provide the best possible service. Here are some examples of how we go the extra mile:

360° virtual tours and quality photos on listings

How many real estate agents are using 360° tours on ANY listings? Compare our quality photos and virtual tours to the usual “cell phone photos” used on most other rental listings. We want to attract the best possible renters for the properties we manage, and that starts with good, current photos. We go the extra mile to use 360° virtual tours, for both rental and sales listings. This helps with marketing properties, plus documenting property condition.


We post tons of information right on the website for all to see. Most property managers in Las Vegas won’t even discuss things like rental requirements with prospective applicants – we post those details on the website. Our FAQs include samples of our property management agreement and lease. If anyone has a question about how we operate, chances are, we have published the answer online.

Live phone answering

Live staff answers the phone during business hours, for every call. We understand that when someone calls, they don’t want to get lost in a phone tree. That’s why we have real, local people to answer the phone.


We use technology to our advantage. From instant responses to potential tenant inquiries, to a wide range of automatic notifications, automated tasks, and even auto-emails to request owner input when leases are close to expiring. We work hard to set up the systems to keep everything running smoothly.


The most common reason for problems in a real estate sales or rental transaction, is poor documentation. To help avoid that, we make efforts to document everything. We document property conditions with video and pictures, record our communications, and keep tons of records. If someone has a question about something, we most likely have a record of it.

Boutique experience

We are not a huge company trying to keep track of thousands of properties at a cheap rate. We want to build good relationships with clients, and make sure you know we care. We love real estate and property management. This means we take the time to do things right!

Rental Property Experience

We are experienced in managing rental properties. The Property Manager is an experienced landlord and understands the needs of owners as well as tenants!

Personalized Support

We’re the top-rated property manager in West Las Vegas for a reason! Let us handle the day to day hassles and details. We help solve your specific challenges to make your landlord experience as smooth as possible.

24/7 Online Portal Access

Sign into your secure account portal at any time to view all of your monthly financial statements and more.

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No Startup Fees • No Listing Fees • No Annual Fee • No Maintenance Surcharges • No Advertising Fees

A+ Rated Company with the BBB