A Guide on How to Manage your Las Vegas Investment Property Contactless

Whether you’re living in a different area or even a local landlord adjusting to pandemic precautions, managing a Las Vegas investment property contactless has become a necessity for many of us. AtStrawberry Property Management Las Vegas we’ve learned what works when it comes to effectively leasing and managing Las Vegas rental properties through digital platforms and portals.

Managing properties contactless keeps costs down and efficiencies up. Here’s how to do it.

Leasing: Self-Showing Technology and Strategic Marketing

Tenants are making decisions about the properties they want to see and rent faster than they once did. They don’t want to spend a lot of time seeing five or 10 properties. Instead, they want to gather as much information as possible before scheduling a showing. This makes your listing more important than ever. 

Pay attention to photography and make sure you have a collection of great photos. Write a descriptive and detailed paragraph that tells tenants what they need to know such as number of bedrooms, square footage, whether pets are accepted, and the amount of rent. 

Self-showing technology has also improved and is now more popular than ever. Instead of meeting tenants at the property to conduct a tour and answer questions, you can provide them with a lockbox code so they can let themselves into the home and take a look around on their own time and in private. Most systems ask for an ID as well as a credit card number so the people coming and going can be tracked to protect your property. This is an excellent tool in leasing and managing your home contactless. It also allows vendors to get into the property without you being there to unlock the door. 

Signing the lease documents can also be done digitally. You can talk about the lease through video calls or emails with your tenants, answering any questions they might have and clearly explaining your expectations when it comes to things like rental payments and maintenance reporting. Then, both of you can sign and return the lease agreement electronically.

Investing in Property Management Technology 

If you’re going to manage your Las Vegas rental property contactless, it’s important to invest in high quality technology that will make your job easier. Without the right tools, you run the risk of making mistakes. Rent could be late, repairs could go undocumented, and the tenant’s security deposit could get lost in your other funds. 

There are a lot of options, even for landlords who are only managing one or two of their rental properties. Look at platforms and software provided by sites like Buildium, Appfolio, Landlordology, Tenant Turner, and TenantCloud. 

Technology will be important when you’re collecting rent, tracking income and expenses, and conducting inspections and scheduling maintenance. Look for a system that meets all your needs or integrates different parts of the management process. 

Working with Las Vegas Property Managers 

The best and safest way to rent out a home contactless is by working with a team of professional Las Vegas property managers. When you have property management partners working with your tenants and your properties, you have a lot less stress. Usually, you’ll earn more money too by avoiding high vacancy costs, bad tenants, and expensive emergency repairs. 

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We have been working contactless since we began managing properties, and we have all of our systems down to an efficient and effective science. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us atStrawberry Property Management Las Vegas.