4 Sure Signs of Serious Foundation Problems

When getting your home ready for rent or sale or when appraising its value, you may have to dig deep to catch one major problem: foundation troubles. Although foundation problems can be hidden in their early stages, not paying attention to them can leave you at risk for a home that may eventually have trouble staying upright. Make sure to be aware of these indications that your foundation needs repair.

Decrease in Water Pressure

If your shower hasn’t been giving you an optimal output as of late, you need to take a look at your water pressure. If you’ve lost water pressure in your pipes, it could be a sign that there’s a slab leak, which can threaten your foundation. Being not only robbed of water but also at risk for your house losing stability should be more than enough motivation to get a foundation repair expert at your home right away for an inspection.

Problems with Doors

People use doors so often that it can be hard to realize how necessary they are until they start to misbehave. Being able to smoothly open and close doors is based on whether your foundation is stable. Should your house start to shift, your doors won’t be able to stay in place. This might seem like nothing more than a minor nuisance at first, but the longer you put it off, the more of a problem it’ll be and the harder it’ll be to fix.


For homes with a wood-based foundation, you must understand the risks, especially the high possibility of rot. Exposure to moisture in places like your basement can cause rot to occur and can ruin your foundation. It doesn’t even have to be a major flooding disaster either. To prevent rot, you need to keep your basement as free from moisture as possible.

Problems with Floors

Something seeming off about your floors should definitely raise your eyebrows. Though older floorboards and tiles can show their age in fairly minor ways, there’s nothing acceptable about having grossly uneven or decaying floors for no apparent reason. The moment you notice something amiss with your floors, take note. Get in contact with a foundation repair company, and describe how they’re feeling/appearing compared to how they normally do.

Foundation problems can sneak up on you. You just need to look out for these signs and to take swift action so that your foundation and property can keep their integrity.

Once your home is good to go, you can put it on the sales market, or you could lease it out to renters! For all your property management needs, let Strawberry Property Management help.