3 Popular Amenities Tenants Look for When Renting

Attracting and retaining tenants are key to maintaining the competitive edge of your property and boosting your curbside appeal. Renters not only look for adequate housing, they seek out rental properties that come with convenient amenities.


The accessibility of parking spaces is an important feature that tenants look for when deciding to rent a home. No one wants to live where they must struggle to find parking. Guest parking is also important to tenants. This is one of the main conflicts between landlords and tenants, especially in multiple housing units. Most tenants have concerns about the safety of their vehicles as well as the distance from parking to their homes. The threat of towing, theft and assigned spots being taken are huge issues. Property owners can attract more renters by simply providing suitable parking amenities along with comprehensive parking rules that are fair for all tenants. These parking rules should be included as a clause in lease agreements.

Furnished Outdoor Rec Area

The convenience of furnished outdoor amenities are highly desirable features that renters look for. Property owners can give their rental units a competitive edge by providing tenants with an inviting outside living space, such as patio furniture or a shared pool for multiple dwelling units. If you’re a landlord looking to make your property more appealing, there are many different kinds of patio furniture that you can use on your patio or deck. Whether you’re renting out a single-family home or a multi-dwelling complex, you can properly furnish your deck or patio by adding a few basic features, like a table set, adequate lighting, a well-maintained lawn, and even including an outdoor grill as a permanent fixture.

Move-In Ready Properties with Up-to-Date Amenities

Before making a single-family house, townhouse or apartment available for rent, permanent fixtures should be in working order, such as air conditioning and heating systems, showers, drainage systems, dishwashers, and smoke alarms. The property, as a whole, should comply with all of the fair housing laws in your area. The doors, including the entrance doors and patio doors should be secure and in presentable condition. The overall space should appear clean. For instance, renters look for clean carpets and hardwood floors in addition to painted walls. Modern appliances, extra storage space, large windows, and adequate lighting are also beneficial features that help to attract high-quality tenants.

When searching for rental homes, many people seek out properties that would make them feel secure and comfortable. Maintaining properties that provide acceptable living conditions in addition to attractive amenities and adequate parking are all key aspects to ensuring a landlord’s success with tenants.