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Strawberry Property Management – Full-Service Leasing and Rentals in Las Vegas

Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas takes the hassles out of owning rental properties. As a full-service leasing and rental provider, we offer top-notch property management services in Las Vegas at affordable prices. We want you to get the best out of your property investments. We have a long list of trusted vendors to get the best combination of service and price. Our median leasing time is only 9 days! We take pride in doing things right!

• We use the best property management software • Effective leasing and rental management processes
• 5% vacancy rate on residential rental properties
• 85% lease renewal rate • 98% on time rent payments • 43 hour average time on repair requests

NEW for 2022: 100% reporting of rental payments to credit bureaus! We will report all tenant rent payments to TransUnion and Equifax – whether on-time, late, or missed payment. Click here for more info.

Transparency is Our Priority

Our owner statements show every single cent charged to you, with descriptions. We include copies of work orders and any available repair photos. You can review our sample property management agreement up front.

You’ll Love Our Customer Service

With prompt responses and effective processes, you can rest assured we are taking care of your rental property and your tenants. We strive to provide the best Las Vegas property management services available. We know you need answers – we provide them quickly.

We Use Effective Technology

We solve problems faster and provide more convenience to our clients and tenants by taking advantage of modern technology. From advanced management software to mobile integrations, we are always improving systems and processes.

professional property management las vegas nevada

Las Vegas Property Management Specialists

Let us professionally manage your rental in Las Vegas!

Benefits of our Las Vegas Property Management Services

Rental Marketing

Our median tenant placement time for a rent-ready unit is 9 days! We use a combination of promotional tools including 360° virtual tours to ensure your vacancy gets as much exposure as possible.

Tenant Screening

You don't want to rent out your house to just anyone who comes along. That's why we perform local and national tenant background checks, including these items: credit, rental history, eviction history, criminal history, proof of income.

Rent Collection

We have a complete system in place to help ensure timely rental payments. Tenants can see their balance due and pay rent in their online portals, or use a secure cash-pay system. 98% on time rent payments.

Property Condition

We perform video property condition reports at every move-out and before move-in, plus we offer additional 'inspections' as desired. Our management service includes a video property check before any lease renewal.


You never have to deal with this again! We have a long list of trusted repair vendors and a complete tracking system to handle repair needs as efficiently as possible. Average time to finish is 43 hours.

Financial Reporting

We use one of the most advanced property management software systems available, and provide detailed monthly owner statements, vendor invoices, plus end-of-year financial reporting.


Our team provides full service rental management with transparency you can trust. Detailed reports, copies of paid invoices, copies of leases, and 24/7 access to all your documents.

Legal Compliance

We comply with Fair Housing and safety requirements to help you avoid risks. We attend regular training and informational programs to stay abreast of the ever-changing rules.

If you’re an out of state investor, you want the best property management services possible. That’s what we do.

We are determined to help our clients get the most out of their real estate investments. Our dedicated team pays careful attention to housing trends in our area, and we provide ongoing support and guidance to make certain your home does not fall behind. Whether you only own one property or you’re juggling a large portfolio, learn how our management solutions can help you maximize your rental home’s income.

Property Management FAQs

Property management companies have many things in common. They manage rental properties and real estate investments on behalf of the owners or investors. Here are answers to a few frequent general questions.

How much do property managers in Las Vegas charge?

Property managers in Las Vegas charge an average of 7 to 10% of the gross monthly rent collected. They may also charge a percentage of the first month’s rent and advertising or MLS fees for rental listings and tenant placement. Some will charge additional administrative fees, set up fees, and more. Ultimately, the charges will depend on the property manager or company and their fee structure. Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas uses a simplified fee structure with no set up fees, no advertising fees, no repair mark ups … no junk fees!

What are 5 different roles and responsibilities of property managers?

Property managers bridge the gap between landlords and tenants, making sure that the property is well maintained and maximized for profit. The core responsibilities of a property manager include: Rent setting based on current market prices, Rent collection, Tenant placement and long-term lease arrangements, Property maintenance and routine check-ups, Property administrative duties.

What are property maintenance services?

Property maintenance services include a variety of tasks essential to keeping a property in good shape. Maintenance services often include response to tenant complaints and maintenance requests, pest control, HVAC systems servicing and repairs, landscape maintenance, property renovation, cleaning, and painting. Maintenance services may also include electrical and plumbing installations and repairs.

Owner FAQ – Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas

We aim to establish trust at all times. We want our clients to know that their investment is being properly managed by an experienced team of dedicated professionals. That is why we have set up a transparent process to address client issues and concerns, however minute they may be. Here are some answers to burning questions about property management services and how we intend to serve you.

Who do I contact for questions about monthly statements?

We use a fully transparent monthly reporting system to owners whose rental properties we manage. Every penny is accounted on the monthly owner statement, and copies of all invoices are available in the Bills section of the Owner Portal. Our team can also be reached via email or phone to discuss any concerns.

Do I need insurance for my rental property?

Yes. As your Las Vegas NV property manager, we require that you have a Landlord policy naming our company as additional insured. You’ll need a minimum of $500,000 in liability coverage. You can call our office line or send an email for more information.

Who holds the tenant’s security deposit?

The landlord or property owner is entitled to retain the tenant security deposit and is responsible for the refund at such a time when the tenant has met the requirement of their lease when moving out. As your professional property management service provider, we hold security deposits on your behalf. That way we can handle any refunds in a timely manner, and in compliance with Nevada state law.

How does Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas handle repairs and property maintenance?

We ensure that you never have to deal with repairs or maintenance calls again. We have a team of maintenance professionals to handle the job and keep your property in top shape at all times. Check out more FAQs for owners here

How do I hire Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas to manage my property?

Our rental property management services are open to all landlords and investors who own residential rental property in Las Vegas. Click here to get started.

Tenant FAQ – Strawberry Property Management Las Vegas

Our commitment is to both the landlords and the esteemed tenants. We go the extra mile to make sure that tenants are comfortable in their rented or leased spaces. As one of the top providers of property management in Las Vegas Nevada services, you can trust that our team is always happy to help.

What do you consider a maintenance emergency and what should I do?

Maintenance emergencies are any immediate threats to life and/or property. This would include fire, flooding, or similar. If a tenant experiences an emergency situation, they should call 911 first, and then notify our team as soon as possible.

Who has to be listed on the rental agreement?

Who applies and signs the lease: All persons age 18 years and above that will be living in the residence. Tenants will also be required to add the names of all minors to the rental agreement.

Who should I contact If I need repairs and maintenance services done?

Our team is happy to help with any maintenance and repair requests that fall within the confines of the lease agreement. Contact us via our phone line or submit a maintenance request and our maintenance team will get in touch with you.

Check out more tenant FAQs here

We are redefining how property management is done in Las Vegas by providing a better experience for landlords/investors and their tenants. Need a dedicated and professional property manager Las Vegas? Contact us today!

Maciej - client feedback
“Casey is the most solid property manager I have ever had the chance to work with. She is professional, detail oriented and won’t cut corners to find a solid tenant. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking to build a income producing rental portfolio in Vegas.”
– Maciej C, Satisfied Client
Daniel M - client feedback
“I have been using Strawberry for 2 years now. I asked for a more hands off situation for my unit and have been given exactly everything I requested. Casey found me an excellent tenant through her process in a matter of just a few days. The terms are fair and reasonable, but the service is excellent.”
– Daniel M, Satisfied Client